Every eight minutes, according to the World Health Organization, a disabled child is born in the world. There are over 500 million people in the world, 80% of whom live in third world countries. Global statistics show that 15 percent of all people with disabilities are in Iran, with more than 11 million people in Iran.

Eleven million people in Iran have varying degrees of mild, moderate, and very severe disability, with four percent of those with severe and very severe disabilities whose care and maintenance costs a large amount on family and community.

But one of the controversial and alarming issues in our country is the increased incidence of accidents, especially accidents in the cause of disabilities. According to official statistics, 100,000 people are being handicapped per year, of which only 30,000 are disabled due to genetic disorders, of which 70,000 are after birth and suffer from various disabilities.

According to the results of the census of 2011, nearly 1.5 million people from our country are disabled. On the other hand, some statisticians believe that real disability statistics are higher because in some villages and small towns, some households consider disability as a disadvantage for the entire family, and thus do not respond to the questions asked by the statistician, that one Family members are disabled.

Hampa , an idea for the standardization of disability services

Hampa ” an idea to provide standard services and services tailored to the needs of the disabled community, which includes all the needs and access needed to live better for these loved ones.

-Design of service registration system
-Designing a fleet of handicapped (physical, motorized, spinal cord, etc.)
-Providing medical and nursing services at home
-Enabling and providing occupational therapy services
-Skills training required
– And …

The idea was shared by some institutions and service providers and was invited as a guest at Tehran’s 2018 Elecomp Exhibition, but due to some problems due to existing structures and lack of capital to provide the service, The content creation and structure section has been stopped.

Startupten ” has the ability to contribute to the community of disabled people and institutions involved in this field as needed to implement and implement this idea free of charge.

مقاله : هم پا ، ایده ای برای معلولین